Lilian Tintori Issues Press Release After Being Trapped by Security Forces in West Caracas

Lilian Tintori During Protests
Lilian Tintori During Protests

We want to sadly alert of the murder of teenager Carlos Jose Moreno, which occurred in Caracas on April 19th. With his death we confirm the brutal and cowardly repression by the government in Venezuela. Members of our team and protesters have been attacked and suffocated by blasts of tear gas bombs in an attemp by the National Police PNB to disperse the protest. We are now trapped at Paez Ave. without any possibility of moving to the East or West of the city beacuse of PNB repression with tear gas bombs. The government actions violate Art. 68 of our constitution that forbids the use of guns and toxic subtances to disperse protests. We raise our voice against these actions and urge the democatric leaders of the world to keep abreast of events in Venezuela on this crucial day; while we protest peacefully and excercise our constitutional rights. Nicolas Maduro’s government must repect our right to protest, stop repression and avoid any violent action against citizens. It is necessary to remind the regime and the National Police PNB that crimes againts humanity have no statute of limitations. Sistematically attacking unarmed citizens who exercise their constitutional right to protest carries lifelong criminal responsibility according to The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Our solidarity goes out to the parents of Carlos Jose, in this their time of pain. We swear to them that this struggle shall not be in vain. We will not stop until we rescue our freedom to decide our destiny. Strenght and Faith. Lilian Tintori.

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